Yellow jackets

October 24, 2008

Every Tuesday night we take the trash cans out to the street. Starting about two weeks ago, we’ve noticed swarms of about 50 or so yellow jackets around the trash cans when they’re at the street. It was ok until someone finally got stung.

We decided we had to get rid of them, and determined that the reason the yellow jackets were swarming the trash cans is because there was a nest right beside where we place the cans. We investigated the matter on our own by pulling the car up where the cans would normally be and watching where the yellow jackets came from. Within minutes about 30 or so had started attacking out car. You could hear taps where they had thrown themselves agianst our vehicle. Anyways they ended up coming from a mound of pampas grass, about 3 feet from where we usually place the cans.

We called our local pest control center, who said they couldn’t get rid of the beasts, but they gave us 2 numbers. That afternoon someone came and actually burned the entire mound of pompas grass, and then continued to spray 9 bottles of (FLAMMABLE) yellow jacket spray and foam into and above the area where the nest was. After the smoke and the majority of yellow jackets had been killed, we investigated the site.

As it turns out, the nest was around 2 feet in depth and in width, and contained an estimated 600 yellow jackets.

2 days after, the survivors of the holocaust are still flying around the area where their nest was.



Obama vs. McCain

October 21, 2008

Ok guys. The election is coming to an end. Both Obama and McCain suck. But lets look at what we’ve learned so far.


a: He is friends with and wants to have policies with domestic terrorist.

b: His VP (Joe Biden) is a total idiot (examples: his 3 letter word, ‘jobs’)

c: His policies are ones of a socialist

d: His pastor (Rev. Wrights) has been having affairs and yelled during a sermon “God Damn America! God Damn America!”. I’m sorry but that is just creepy.

e: He stumbled during an interview and said “My muslim faith”. He did not correct himself until after his host noted the mistake.


a: He called himself a liberal on accident.

b: His VP (Sarah Palin) is an amazing bold woman.

c: His policies are ones of a capitalist.

d: He was a prisoner of war.

Now both of them are idiots. Palin is a great VP though, and Biden is a total idiot. Listen, Obama is a socialist. You vote for him and here’s what happens. Obama chooses what you wear. Obama chooses what doctor you see. Obama chooses what food you buy. Obama chooses how your children are schooled. You liberals have fun screwing up our country. Socialism has never worked and quite frankly it is what we left England for in the first place!

Hope y’all enjoyed this. I’d like to know your opinions to reply back.


Wake 2 released!

October 16, 2008

Hey guys I have just now released Wake 2. Features like Library are soon to come, along with a complete online tutorial. Anyways in Wake 2 I finally finished the file extensions. This means that you can simply double click any Wake document to open it in Wake, like you would a .DOC file to open it in MS Word. wow that code was so hard to figure out, but in the end it seemed kind of simple and it was like “Duh!!!!!!!!!”.

Excerpts and Edit is implemented in Wake 2, and Library is soon to come.

Incase you don’t know what Wake is, check it out at my website.

There are also some videos at the ED09 Project site.

Ok ya’ll have a good weekend,


The new iTunes 8 comes packed with great new stuff, like Genius. One thing I found interesting that not many people have found is the new visualizer. Like I’m laughing at Windows Media Player now, this visualizer is spectacular! Like when you’re playing one of those songs that start out nice and easy and then just crash down on you with rock, the visualizer does just such a great job,, I can’t explian it you’ll need to see this stuff for yourself. Yeah so go to and download the new iTunes. Here are some screenshots I took.



I got a B!

October 9, 2008

Hey guys!

Earlier I told you how I had that Spanish test that I was release nervouse about. Well I got the test back and I made a B!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME=HAPPY


Developing Wake2

October 7, 2008

I’ve spent 4 hours working on the release of Wake2 today after I finished the majority of my school. It looks like it’ll be ready in a few weeks instead of, as I had originally anticipated, in December. I have finished 2 of the 3 main features for Wake2. The first one, Excerpts lets you export a region of text you select as an image, and Edit lets you create and edit (yup-even after you’ve published them!) Wake documents. Now it’s time to tackle the big one – Library. Library is an online database where you can upload and download Wake documents from within Wake (not your web browser).  I’ve never done something this big before, and I’m excited to see how thing roll out. Below are links to 2 vids I took for Excerpts and Edit. Enjoy!



If you have NO CLUE what Wake is, it’s an app for reading and publishing your stories, work, and any other document you can think of. How it differs from a word processor, like Microsoft Word, is that you can publish your stuff without worrying about other people “pirating” it. It’s explained better at my website and the CNET page.

UPDATE: Wake2 BETA is available for download.


October 7, 2008

I am not writing this entry as a way of attention towards myself in any way! Please don’t think that. I’m writing this entry mostly because I want other people who don’t know Christ or know him but don’t have active relationship with him to realize what they’re missing out on. Ok so now that we got the disclaimer out of the way I’ll get started.

Before this summer (for what happened this summer, click here), I had nobody to talk to when something went wrong, with the exception for my sister, Savannah. My parents argue a lot. Weeks before the following happened, they argued more than ever. I knew something bad was going to happen eventually. Sadly, I was right. There was one day when my mom packed her bags and said she was leaving after a vicious argument with my dad. I hated this, but I was powerless to stop it. While mom was busy multitasking packing her bags and managing to continue arguing with dad, I grabbed my cell and went to my room. I needed to talk to someone. So I opened my contacts of around 40 and started searching for someone to call. William? no. Aunt Kim? no. Haily? no.

It was after 10 minutes of searching and debating myself that I relized I had nobody to talk to. Nobody in my entire list of 40 contacts would understand what I would try to tell them, and even if they did, they probably wouldn’t care (no offense, you guys are great).

Now, I don’t even have to pick up my cell phone. I can actually talk to God like I would a real person, and know that he’s listening, and over all, know that he cares.


October 7, 2008

Well I flunked my first Span. Test this year, bringing my total grade to a D. I manged to bring it up to a C through some worksheets and a test. I took another test today. This test decides the fate of my first quarter grade report. If I make a under a C on the test, then I get a D on my 1st quarter grade report, and I’m grounded. If I make above a C, then I get a B on my 1st quarter grade report. So I’m kinda nervous and anxious to see my test results.

Alright I got to start this weeks school.