Obama vs. McCain

October 21, 2008

Ok guys. The election is coming to an end. Both Obama and McCain suck. But lets look at what we’ve learned so far.


a: He is friends with and wants to have policies with domestic terrorist.

b: His VP (Joe Biden) is a total idiot (examples: his 3 letter word, ‘jobs’)

c: His policies are ones of a socialist

d: His pastor (Rev. Wrights) has been having affairs and yelled during a sermon “God Damn America! God Damn America!”. I’m sorry but that is just creepy.

e: He stumbled during an interview and said “My muslim faith”. He did not correct himself until after his host noted the mistake.


a: He called himself a liberal on accident.

b: His VP (Sarah Palin) is an amazing bold woman.

c: His policies are ones of a capitalist.

d: He was a prisoner of war.

Now both of them are idiots. Palin is a great VP though, and Biden is a total idiot. Listen, Obama is a socialist. You vote for him and here’s what happens. Obama chooses what you wear. Obama chooses what doctor you see. Obama chooses what food you buy. Obama chooses how your children are schooled. You liberals have fun screwing up our country. Socialism has never worked and quite frankly it is what we left England for in the first place!

Hope y’all enjoyed this. I’d like to know your opinions to reply back.



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