New computer?

November 30, 2008

Well what’s a new computer without the right apps? In this post I’ll tell you exactly what you’ll need to get the most out of your PC.

Word Processor

Microsoft is kind enough NOT to include a full featured word processor in their Windows computers. The closest they get is WordPad, a small application which can be found from the ‘Accesories’ menu. Their word processor (Word) is ridiculously overpriced. 3.0 is free, rich in features, and just as if not more easier to use than Word. You can download this app from

Music management

Now we have all heard of itunes. The problem is that on a Windows computer, iTunes eats up way to much memory. Let’s get something a bit lighter. I recommend SongBird, a Mozilla based iTunes like music manager. Download it free from

Web browser

I hate Internet Explorer. It takes way to load a page, and even worse it takes forever to even open and load a new tab! As an alternative, I would recommend either Mozilla’s famous FireFox, or Google’s new Chrome. Both a very fast and easy to use, and unlike IE, it’s actually about the web, not the toolbars. Windows users – STAYAWAY FROM SAFARI. Safari and iTunes run great on a mac, but Windows is a whole different story.

Image Manipulation

Windows gave their very simple application a very simple name, Paint. This program offers little functianality in even resizing images. As an alternative, I recommend Paint.NET, the photoshop for noobs. Paint.NET is very easy to use yet it adds amazing functianality.

Ok, I’m sure I havn’t covered everything, but that should get you started. Have fun with your new PC,



Everyday ’09

November 28, 2008

Hey guys,

I released ED09 a couple of days ago. It’s turning out really well. I’ve added Merriam-Websters online dictionary to the search box and YouTube search is coming in the next release (1.3).  Also in the next release, SmartStart will have made it’s way into more ED09 programs, possibly Wake, and will be customizable.  Anyways check it out at the project website and tell me what you think.


Yup! I decided to give Everyday ’09 one last thing before it’s launch on Dec. 3, a full pledged full time (had to put that in there:) ) search bar! Although it’s default search engine is Google, you can search using Yahoo!, and Windows Live. You can also search for articles on Wikipedia or something to buy on Amazon. Cool, huh? Also whenever you open the ED09 panel, then search bar is already active, so all you have to do is simply start typing and press the ‘enter’ button on your keyboard to see your results. Here are some screen shots for y’all.

Tell me what you think,


Ideas from Y-Group

November 11, 2008

Do you really care of about God?

Think about it this way. Whever you sin, for example you yelled at your little sister or snobbed a friend at school, you just hammered a nail into Jesus’s hand. How is this possible? God says that Jesus dies on the cross for our sins.

Do you honestly care about Jesus or God? Do you honestly care about what I just said above? Most of us (me included) are like “yeah, I feel really bad about this.” Here’s the problem: You (me included) may feel bad and you probably do care, but you might just not care enough to stop yelling at your sister or thinking lustfully some times. Anyways I thought that these were some interesting opinions.

In Christ,


Obama wins election

November 5, 2008

Ok. We all know Obama’s won the election (or at least I hope you have, otherwise you must be totally disconnected with real life :p ).

I dislike Obama very much. He passed an abortion method in which the abortionist stabbed scissors into the babies head, he wants to teach kindergardeners about sex, and a lot more. He doesn’t want America to be a free country, he wants America to be a govarnment controled country. So if you have money you’re saving up because you want to be a new car, or you want to take your family on a vacation, just go on and forget about it. This is called socialism.

THE FACT: Although I hate Obama very much, and I do not agree with any of his policies, he will be, come January, the President of the United States. I guess this means I have to respect him… somewhat >:).

Anyways you guys brace yourselves for the next four years. His economics plan is only going to dig us inter a deeper pit with regards to the economic crisis.