a Social network

December 5, 2008


I’m thinking about making my own Facebook like website. It won’t be as rich in features at Facebook, so tell me what you think.

Users will be able to:

  • Invite friends
  • Edit their profile
  • Write on a friend’s  wall (need to change the name.. any ideas?)
  • Upload photos

The main focus of this will be the wall.

You can share links, vids, photos, etc using the wall. Let’s zoom in some more, though. Now, amongst all the features of the wall, the main focus will be on keeping other’s as updated as possible about what you’re doing. So not only can you write on your wall from your web browser, but I’ll also make a little download to go alongside my social network. This download will hide beside your computer’s clock as an icon. When you double click the icon, a small window appears in which you type what you’re doing and press enter. You’ve been updated. There will also be a mobile phone app, so you can update from your phone via text messaging.

Tell me what you think. Also tell me what you want Facebook to do yet it doesn’t do (maybe I can implement that).



3 Responses to “a Social network”

  1. jamey007 Says:

    that sounds like a cool idea if u could do it

  2. DylanT Says:

    I’m almost possitive I can, I’m learning php and MySQL right now actually, which is what Facebook is built on.


  3. Darth Tater Says:


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