The [not] fairness doctrine

February 18, 2009

fairness-doctrine2So what is the fairness doctrine?

Yeah so I’ll tell you what it is in my opinion really quick because I’m pissed and I want to get to the part where I can totally bash this. The Fairness Doctrine is a document that will silence conservative talk-radio. So anything you say against liberals (definition: the selfish butthole pigs running the country) is like, uhh, illegal.

Ok. This is the fun part.

Umm, HELLO? Did I miss something back in 2nd grade? Didn’t the pilgrims origanily come to America so that they could have the right to free religoun. And then didn’t we base this country on FREE SPEECH?? And if I’m not mistaken doesn’t the First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibit the govarnment from making laws that infringe free speech??? Like wow I really must have failed 2nd grade history/social studies or something. SERIOUSLY!

I’m sorry. I’d rather like to know that the idiots running this nation spend my money on making the illegal immigrants feel more at home. Like I can’t really stop it, but at least let me know what y’all are doing with my money. People like Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, Mark Levin, are all going to be forced off the radio so that the liberals can spread their lies. 

So why do the liberals want this???

hehe. This is juicy. You see the liberals already OWN the media. So a long time ago (like in 2000)  in a far away land called America some liberals (here on dubbed ‘The Buttholes‘) decided that they wanted to take on Talk Radio.

Now each radio station is funded mainly by its advertisers. You see the problem was that the buttholes didn’t have anybody to advertise, because all the advertisers knew that everyone wanted to hear the truth, and NOBODY goes to the buttholes for the truth.

So the buttholes never really got up on their feet. And they decided that all of America must not be allowed to hear the truth. Thus they created The Butthole Fairness Doctrine.

So, the reason liberals want the fairness doctrine is so that we can all be subdued to their lies. Isn’t that just dandy?


Closing notes

Oh and if you enjoy my blog you won’t be able to read it, ’cause the libs are also wanting the Fairness Doc to apply to the internet. That’s 2 free peices of duck tape for Dylan!

Yeah listen PLEASE comment but holy crap don’t argue back unless you actually have an argumeant worth my time. Alright?


5 Responses to “The [not] fairness doctrine”

  1. Jess Says:

    Thanks for posting this man. Haha yeah um i need to my research but i know about most of what you are talking about. Haha.

    The other day i was listening to rush and a guy called in (i forget his name) and he said wow rush love the show i am a big fan and all but why do you have to be sooo so critical of others. He went on to say i mean rush when have they ever criticized you. Wow really obama told people not to listen to rush and former president bill clinton tried to get him off the air now obama is doing the same thing. COME ON. REALLY? haha the question is when have they not criticized and tried to ruin his show.

    Once again I agree great post. I am now gonna go research it. see what else i can do to help.

  2. CyberGuy Says:

    Geezzzz I really must start reading the news more. >.<

    Great post Dylan. :-D No Duct Tape for this post.

  3. Darth Tater Says:

    I hope you are joking

  4. Betsy Montgomery Says:

    Such anger! And potty mouth language. But it’s nice to see you writing with passion. Say what you want and quickly–before they take away your right to!

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