Come on people! Do y’all seriously believe that the world is going to end because we utilize assets (ie factories) we’ve been given?????? ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID?

The weatherman can’t even predict tomorrows weather correctly half the time, why should we believe them when they say global warming is going to end the world in 50000 years????? umm,,, stupid. duh.

Seriously. These people can’t even tell us how it will happen! They just say something bad will happen. Sorry – if you want me to believe I need some reliable evidence.

I do agree that oil spills kill fish. duh. I don’t think we should stop using boats.. that’s just dumb. Oil spills are rare. BTW did you know the gov spends more money on animal care than they do on child care? creepy…

AND WHY THE HECK SHOULD WE STOP DRILLING? Do you brainwashed people know how much the economy, and you, relies on oil?

Oh and Al Gore’s wonderful lightbulb invention that was supposed to use less energy.. it umm, uses like the same amount of energy as any lightbulb. The only difference is that it lasts longer.

Two seals were damaged by an oil spill. After they were rescued and the govarnment spent $2000 on each animal, they were released into the wild. A whole crowd of around 100 people were watching and cheering as the seal made their way across the ice to the ocean. Suddenly, just after the seals slid into the water, a whale swam up and ate them both.

Just though that was a funny joke.



Our stupid fish with OCD

January 9, 2009

Ok so first off we own a salt water aqarium. It’s pritty wicked. Anyways we’ve got the clown fish from Finding Nemo in our tank (2, actually). They’re a lot more stupid than in the movie. Anyways earlier tonight marlin (one of the clownfish) decided to just go and stare at one of our snales. Below is a video we got.

Anyways it’s weird. Marline will just be swimmin’ around, then he sees the snail. He quickly rushes over and just stares at the snail for like fifteen seconds. Then he’ll go swim around some more. Then he’ll pass the snail again and stare at him. The cycles still going on an hour later. Ok well I’ll shut up and show you the vid. It’s below.

Sorry ’bout the poor quality. Something went wrong while I was uploading it i guess.

embarrassing moments..

January 7, 2009

Yeah so I’m not about to tell you any embarrassing moments. But don’t you just hate it when you think about times when you embarressed yourself so bad. You just kinda wanna slap yourself like a trillion times. I hate that. Just bringing up the subject, i’ve already thought of several embarrassing moments, like where I’ve made myself look like a special kid. I hate that. anyways. You’re probably wondering why I wrote this.. it’s because right now i’m thinking about horrobly embarrassing things and I decided “huh. I’m suffering through this. Maybe if I write about it, all the unfortanate victims who read this will think about their embarrassing moments. Then I won’t be alone.” Yeah.

Ok well I g2g and sneak some leftover holiday pie and bestow upon it the privilege of being my midnight snack. ttyl.

Things I hate updated 2008

December 31, 2008

So incase you were stupid enough to not read title, this post is about things I hate!
So let’s get started.

1. I hate looking at people’s feet. You know like the bottom part that’s all disgusting and stuff. I can’t even stand to have that in my periphials. AHH! HATE IT!

2. I hate it when people ask dumb questions, like “How are you?” when the person who is asking that kinda lives with me. I mean seriously, put the peices together you moron! You live with me!

3. I hate it when people over dramatize something. Like my little sister never stops doing that. “OH MY GOSH IT’S SO CUITE!” seriously, we’ve had the puppy for like three weeks. You should have gotten over how cuite it is.

4. People not flushing the toilet. Lets just not go there. It’s nasty. If you don’t flush you’re disgusting and I will personaly kick you out of my house if you dare not flush here. Case closed. Deal with it.

5. People trying to act funny. Like trying to act funny is annoying, but trying to act funny and failing is so just.. ARGH! I hate that.

6. Endless voicemails from someone. Like I could scroll through my voicemail right now  and I’d here the three same people about sixty times over and over again. I should probably delete some stuff soon…..

7. Girls who are utterly obsessed with themselves. Seriously. This ticks me off! I hate girls who just endlessly talk about themselves and suck the life out of you by asking endless self-pointed questions. ANNOYING! Thank the lord (Thank you, lord) I don’t have any friends like this. Period (just incase some of you [my friends] were wondering.. I’m not talking ’bout any of you)

8. Having to socialize. OMG I hate this. I hate having to be all social and talk with people and etc. This is so annoying. I’m a total party pooper. I’ll go out to a movie with friends but going to a large party I hate! I do like just hanging out with friends in general… but having to actually *socialize* and make new friends and hang out with people I don’t know and even sometimes go to partys with people I do know is something I really hate. I’m not shy, good heavens no, I just hate having to “socialize”.

9. Slow computers. Yeah. I’m so spoiled on this really fast (2.5 gig ram) computer I custom made myself a year ago that I cannot stand to use a slow computer. I’d rather just wait till I can use my own.

10. Paris Hilton. Yeah lets just leave it there. I hate Paris Hilton.So do you. Deep inside you’re saying “WOW HE’S SO BRILLIANT! PARIS HILTON IS A SELF-POINTED BARBY WHO PLAYS IN XXX MOVIES. SHE SHOULD DIE.” Now if you’re not thinking that, nevermind. I won’t waste my time.

11. People who just don’t shut up. Seriously. I’m fine talking on the phone with someone for five hours, but if I’m stuck at you house and you’re talking endlessly about crap I don’t care about, I really don’t want to listen. Go record yourself and listen to it over and over till your satisfied, just please, let me go home… alive.

12. Vegetables. Oh and btw it’s supposed to be pronounced vee-gee-tae-blo. no just joking about the pronunciation. I hope you didn’t believe me. You’d be really stupid if you did, quite frankly.

13. Emails telling me I must forward the email to at least 10 people if I want to go to heaven. Give me a break, seriously! I’m not going to forward some stupid email sent to me by some judgmental person who calls himself a christian. Sorry. If God wants me to send a message I think that the bush’s in my yard will burn before he uses a computer. Hope I didnt offend anyone. If I did, deal with it.

So if you disagreed with anything I said here, deal with it. Opinions is what makes the world go round. Sadly for you, though, the above are facts, not my opinions :p

no just joking…

Ok bye.


New stuff. Funny moments.

December 15, 2008

Yeah so for the new thingsies.

RED: NEW ALBUM: If you’re a fan of the christian rock band RED, you’ll be excited to know that they’re coming out with a new album – “Innocence and Instinct”. If you go to the bands MySpace, you can listen to a preview of one of the songs in that album.

SHREK GOES FOURTH: Now I’ve had midterms etc all week so I didn’t dig for details. The infamous Shrek movie things are coming out with their 4th adventure.

Funny Moments…

SO I was walking into school and a lady was like “Oh! Hey Dylan how’s it been going?”  I had no clue who this was.

me: “Umm,,.. do I know you?”

Lady: “Oh I’m Amanda’s mom.. Amanda and your sister did the science fair together last year”

me: “Oh yeah..”

Lady: “You look so much like your sister.”

Me: “I’m a guy…”

One of the administrators nearby who was listening rolled her eyes at my comment. “You know what she means.. Dylan”.

ANYWAYS  I know y’all probably don’t care but it was really funny if you’d been there.,2933,464848,00.html#

So here’s the deal: The schoolboard wants to teach kids as young as 10 to fight off an armed gunman. Some people are against this because it could cause “emotional trama“.

Now look people. Sure these kids are young, and they’re probably scared too, but the fact is that we live in a world where sin and violence and hate crimes and murder thrive. School shootings have twirlled out of control.

I would rather have my little brother come home alive at the cost of him being scared a little bit instead of having to watch him be lowered into the ground at the funeral.

What do you think about this?


Living Nativity spoiler

December 7, 2008

Ok so since I can remember my family has made it a tradition to go to a drive-through nativity scene.

So. This year we really messed up, but it was soo funny. We’re driving through the nativity with our windows down when we get to the scene when Gabriel is telling Mary she is going to give birth to Jesus. The following is said (please note the windows were open and my sibilings speak loudly):

Savannah: Wow – I’m glad they have a guy this year finally. They’ve had girls play Gabriel for the last 3 years now! So not sexy.

Zibby: His wings look fake…

Me: His arms must get really tired going up and down all the time

Reagan: You’re a fake angel!

(Gabriel starts to smile…)

Savannah: Oh look he’s starting to crack up!!!!


Gabriel at this point is doing his best to contain his laughter as Marry looks at us like we’re some kind of weirds.. which I guess we are.

anyways I just wanted to share that with you – we couldn’t help but laugh yet feel really bad the rest of the drive..


a Social network

December 5, 2008


I’m thinking about making my own Facebook like website. It won’t be as rich in features at Facebook, so tell me what you think.

Users will be able to:

  • Invite friends
  • Edit their profile
  • Write on a friend’s  wall (need to change the name.. any ideas?)
  • Upload photos

The main focus of this will be the wall.

You can share links, vids, photos, etc using the wall. Let’s zoom in some more, though. Now, amongst all the features of the wall, the main focus will be on keeping other’s as updated as possible about what you’re doing. So not only can you write on your wall from your web browser, but I’ll also make a little download to go alongside my social network. This download will hide beside your computer’s clock as an icon. When you double click the icon, a small window appears in which you type what you’re doing and press enter. You’ve been updated. There will also be a mobile phone app, so you can update from your phone via text messaging.

Tell me what you think. Also tell me what you want Facebook to do yet it doesn’t do (maybe I can implement that).



December 5, 2008

Hey so I was editing my story for English and I came to the horrible realization that I had to actually have a name for the story (creepy, right?)

So I sat there for about 45 minutes trying to come up with a name (actually facebooking :p) until I finally came up with Half / Life.


Why? Well if you havn’t read the story yet, I don’t want to ruin it. Here’s a .pdf link (I had some MAC and Linux users wanting to read it but couldn’t download Wake)

Half / Life
Please give me some feedback and suggestions, etc. The final paper is due next Thursday.


IE: Why I hate it

December 3, 2008

To many options…: Internet Explorer 8’s context menu (the menu that appears when you right-click). The only addons I have installed is the Windows Live stuff (also crap) and CopyCode (I made that). That’s insane. Look at how long that is :0. Click here for an image of the menu.

Slow, Slow, Slow: Yeah. Microsoft seems to like making their user’s wait. Not only does IE load web pages slowly, but openeing tabs takes a while to, especially on slow computers. Mozilla FireFox can load Microsoft’s web site faster than Microsoft’s browser can.

Horrible Addon support: IE does allow you to have addons, but the addon manager is crap. It takes forever to load the addons, and half of them won’t even show up! Developing addons is a pain in the butt. Even to make a simple addon that modifies the context menu (like mine does), you have to mod the registry, make a javascript file, and then Microsoft leaves you in the dark on how to get it installed on your user’s computer.

Too many toolbars: For some reason Microsoft wants IE to turn into Toolbar Explorer.  Me? I’ve customized my FireFox browser to only show them menu bar, the address bar, and tabs. I like to actually see webpages when I browse, not buttloads of toolbars and buttons and crap.

Can’t load pages the right way: Yeah. Pages that work on real browsers (firefox, chrome, safari, etc) don’t work on IE, and pages that work on IE won’t work on anything else.

Microsoft didn’t even make IE: Nope. Microsoft was sold the source code by a failing company.

Updates? Hello?? Microsoft doesn’t seem to ever want to update us to the newest version of IE.

In conclusion… Ok so lets break it down. The browser window is to crowded, slow, and provides way to many options while not providing essentials like updates or correct page rendering. INSANE! Now come on people there are millions more browsers out there. Here are a few of the famous ones, and they all work on Windows and MAC.

  • FireFox
  • Safari
  • Chrome (MAC version coming soon…)
  • Opera