IE: Why I hate it

December 3, 2008

To many options…: Internet Explorer 8’s context menu (the menu that appears when you right-click). The only addons I have installed is the Windows Live stuff (also crap) and CopyCode (I made that). That’s insane. Look at how long that is :0. Click here for an image of the menu.

Slow, Slow, Slow: Yeah. Microsoft seems to like making their user’s wait. Not only does IE load web pages slowly, but openeing tabs takes a while to, especially on slow computers. Mozilla FireFox can load Microsoft’s web site faster than Microsoft’s browser can.

Horrible Addon support: IE does allow you to have addons, but the addon manager is crap. It takes forever to load the addons, and half of them won’t even show up! Developing addons is a pain in the butt. Even to make a simple addon that modifies the context menu (like mine does), you have to mod the registry, make a javascript file, and then Microsoft leaves you in the dark on how to get it installed on your user’s computer.

Too many toolbars: For some reason Microsoft wants IE to turn into Toolbar Explorer.  Me? I’ve customized my FireFox browser to only show them menu bar, the address bar, and tabs. I like to actually see webpages when I browse, not buttloads of toolbars and buttons and crap.

Can’t load pages the right way: Yeah. Pages that work on real browsers (firefox, chrome, safari, etc) don’t work on IE, and pages that work on IE won’t work on anything else.

Microsoft didn’t even make IE: Nope. Microsoft was sold the source code by a failing company.

Updates? Hello?? Microsoft doesn’t seem to ever want to update us to the newest version of IE.

In conclusion… Ok so lets break it down. The browser window is to crowded, slow, and provides way to many options while not providing essentials like updates or correct page rendering. INSANE! Now come on people there are millions more browsers out there. Here are a few of the famous ones, and they all work on Windows and MAC.

  • FireFox
  • Safari
  • Chrome (MAC version coming soon…)
  • Opera