img_26751What the heck is this?
This is my blog. I use it as an output device for all my sarcastic junk that you probably don’t want to hear. Hey if you are a fan of sarcasm be my guest. I’ll probably write a post or two every week. I do not plan to stop blogging, I absolutely love making innocent readers endure my evil twisted ideals and sarcastic remarks. 

So who is ‘I’?
I am Dylan Taylor, a 14 year old home-schooled student living in South Carolina. I am a christian and a strong conservative. Although technically in 8th grade, I’m taking most 9th courses. I’m the 2nd oldest of seven, and me and my older sister are like best friends and plan to be for the rest of our lives. I’m a huge fan of sarcasm. I also love to write dark, twisted plots for stories. 

I really really want to join the Air Force as a Ground Radar Systems Apprentice straight out of HS. Maybe collage, but only if I can get the Military to pay for it. After 4-6 years of service I really don’t know what I’ll do; maybe sell insurance or something laid back like that. 

Some Photos
I know it’s not much. I’m not a very photo-genice person so I have an excuse.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. lily Says:

    tell your sister to call me sometime today. thanks

  2. DylanT Says:

    I see that you’ve finally found something other than my voice mail to pester me with :)

  3. Darth Tater Says:

    DylanT, go backpack 53 miles. :)

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