Hey guys,

I have a question, but first let me explain where I’m coming from. It’s the weekends, just about the only time we get to play computer games or PS3 (we’re doing school most the time).

We were eating dinner Friday night and my little sister asks what we’re doing after dinner (she knew the answer, but she just wanted to make sure). My dad says “Y’all can get on the computer, except for Dylan (hi, my name is Dylan).

I continue to ask him why I can’t get on, and he continues to answer “because I don’t want you to” or “Because it doesn’t suite me”.

The question: Is he abusing his power as an adult and parent? He could have a reason to not let me play, but he never told me why he did that, making his form of punishment somewhat not useful seeing I can’t improve unless I know what I’m supposed to improve.

I know i’m supposed to do whatever my parents tell me, but I don’t understand why exactly they tell me to do things such as this without at least letting me know what I did wrong.

So, *especialy parents reading this* is he abusing his power as a parent?