Yellow jackets

October 24, 2008

Every Tuesday night we take the trash cans out to the street. Starting about two weeks ago, we’ve noticed swarms of about 50 or so yellow jackets around the trash cans when they’re at the street. It was ok until someone finally got stung.

We decided we had to get rid of them, and determined that the reason the yellow jackets were swarming the trash cans is because there was a nest right beside where we place the cans. We investigated the matter on our own by pulling the car up where the cans would normally be and watching where the yellow jackets came from. Within minutes about 30 or so had started attacking out car. You could hear taps where they had thrown themselves agianst our vehicle. Anyways they ended up coming from a mound of pampas grass, about 3 feet from where we usually place the cans.

We called our local pest control center, who said they couldn’t get rid of the beasts, but they gave us 2 numbers. That afternoon someone came and actually burned the entire mound of pompas grass, and then continued to spray 9 bottles of (FLAMMABLE) yellow jacket spray and foam into and above the area where the nest was. After the smoke and the majority of yellow jackets had been killed, we investigated the site.

As it turns out, the nest was around 2 feet in depth and in width, and contained an estimated 600 yellow jackets.

2 days after, the survivors of the holocaust are still flying around the area where their nest was.